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Subject Choices & Subject Changes

Subject choices

Subject choices are made at the end of Grade 9. Once the subject choice form has been completed and signed by the parent, the subject choice is FINAL.

  • Subject choice PTA: 29 July 2020
  • Parents will receive subject information booklet with subject choice form.
  • Subject choice form must be handed in by 14 August 2020

Please note that subject choices may affect register classes.

Subject changes

Please note the following information and arrangements regarding subject changes for Grade 10 - 12:

Grade 10 - A maximum of two subject changes are allowed before 30 June.

Grade 11 -  A maximum of two subject changes are allowed before 31 March. In exceptional cases, a learner may change one additional subject in Grade 11, after their Grade 11 end-of-year results. This must be done before 15 December of the Grade 11 year.

Grade 12 - No subject changes are allowed in the Grade 12 year.
Process to follow:

  • Collect a form from Ms K. Coetzee
  • Complete the form (which MUST be signed by a parent or guardian)
  • Hand back to Ms K. Coetzee as soon as possible
  • ONLY go to the 'new' class once you have permission from Ms K. Coetzee

(Subject changes MAY affect register classes)