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Bosmansdam vs Edgemead Derby 28 May 2016

Bosmansdam Knights 14 - Edgemead Eagles 7 Bosmansdam Knights 14- Edgemead Eagles 7

Interskole Bosmansdam vs Labori

Interskole-Poster-2015 Bosmansdam High School would like to invite all students, parents, former students, members of the community and local primary school students to join us during this wonderful week of competition and fun! On Saturday, there will be plenty of competitive matches to enjoy as well as eats and drinks on sale. Come share in the wonderful atmosphere! We are the school that cares and we would like to share this day with everybody in our community!

Somer-Interskole Week VS H/S Labori 2015

Baie geluk aan die bossie seuns-tennisspan wat vir Labori die loef afgesteek het. Hopefully the cricketers will do the same: Looking very proud of their achievement are fltr: Ishe Mushaike, Tristan Cox, Dyllon Isaacs and Kyle Isaacs 20150303_164647_

Interhuisatletiek 2015

Die Rooispan het die Geel-en Blou-span die loef afgesteek op 30 Januarie se kleuresport. Die Geelspan se dirigente was die beste volgens die beoordelaars.  

Bosmansdam 57 – Parklands College 00

Image Image_1