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Arts & Culture

Hierdie leerare bestaan uit die volgende komponente: Dans, Drama, Musiek en Visuele Kuns. Maak jouself gereed vir 'n opwindede en kreatiewe reis in die Kuns en Kultuurklas. We create still life paintings, work out dance sequences, learn about music and experience the world of DRAMA. Enjoy the ride!


Business Studies

Business Studies is structured to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that are necessary to participate responsibly, productively and effectively in business activities in both formal and informal sectors. The subject revolves round.
  1. Business Environments – Investigate the different elements of internal and external environment on the business.
  2. Business Ventures – Develop of important factors that contribute towards the creation of sustainable business enterprises.
  3. Business Roles – Essential roles that needs to perform as citizens, team members, career performers, self managers and entrepreneurs.
  4. Business Operations – Equips with skill and knowledge to operate effectively in the different business functions such as Human Resources, Marketing, Public Relation, Production, Financing, Purchasing, Administration and Management.


CAT is one of the most exciting and important subjects. It contains theoretical and practical elements. In theory we test operational knowledge such as 1) computer architechture, 2) software, 3) networks, 4) communication and 5) the impact of ict on society. The practical side includes lessons in word processing, excel, databases, powerpoint as well as the internet.

Physical Science

A positive outlook on Physical Science where learners learn with enthusiasm and willpower. Die basiese begrippe van Fisiese Wetenskappe word aangeleer en versterk deur die uitvoer van die eksperimente, ondersoeke en navorsingstake. Science rocks!


This learning area is offered as a subject in grade 8 & 9. It will focus on the economic environment, economic growth, management, enterpeneurship as well as a knowledge of and the application of the basic bookkeeping process. This subject equips learners with the basic skills to take Business Studies, Economics or Accounting as a subject from grade 10 to 12.