Charter of Bosmansdam High School Interact Club

30 May 2017 was an auspicious day for BHS as the newly established Interact Club was officially

chartered by Rotary International. We are sponsored by Blouberg Rotary Club and celebrated our

charter with a dinner for 60 people at which our new committee was inducted.

Our club consists of 35 members at present and we will be growing that as required. Our committee

is as follows: President: Harriet Tewesa; Vice-President: Raabi’ah Adonis; Secretary: Micaela Fourie

and Treasurer: Nathanial de Hahn.

Our first project will entail the making of sandwiches for Mandela Day. These will be delivered to a

neighbouring school as an outreach. We have identified 10 projects which we hope to complete in

the next 12 months running from June 2017 to June 2018. One project that we are particularly

excited about is providing a ‘soup kitchen’ to our local community, twice a month starting in July

following the mid-year holiday.

On 20 August we will be serving at the ‘One-to- One’ project where we assist physically and mentally

disable people of all ages as a “buddy” for the day when games are played. This is an event held by

Rotary at the Green Point Stadium. We are extremely excited about this event as it will be the first

one that we attend.